Where home and hospitality become one

Pearson Gardens offers three homes of the highest-possible quality in an unsurpassable location.

These are homes designed for true quality of life. For intimacy and privacy, for socialising and sharing. For elevating the everyday experience in a place like no other.    

The architecture

Limitless – as far as the eye can see

The space, light and views of Pearson Gardens are more powerful than anything that can be built.

Renowned architectural studio A-Cero has designed these extraordinary homes to complement and enhance their setting, not compete with it.

The scope of each super-luxe villa stretches far beyond its four walls and expansive grounds. The only limit is the horizon – as far as the eye can see. More than just properties, Pearson Gardens is an expression of place: of Barcelona and of the spectacular location the homes occupy.

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The interior design

Flow, texture, colour

Villa Grande is styled by award-winning interior designer Jaime Beriestain Studio.

Like the architecture and location, Beriestain’s interiors are timeless, transcending trends. There is a story behind every design choice, from enhancing the flow between spaces to evoking emotions through the senses.

Just as sunlight contains all colours, Villa Grande’s refined natural palette reveals touches of bold, life-affirming tones. The beauty of textures and forms stimulates sensations that enrich every single day at home.

It is designed for warmth. Designed to last. Designed for life.

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The landscaping

Evocative, green, secluded

Pearson Gardens embraces diverse green spaces that evoke distinct emotions.

To protect and give privacy, its evergreen oaks, lemon trees, cypresses, magnolias and ancient olive trees form beautiful walls of sustainable vertical scenery that change gently with the seasons.

Large lawns, especially around swimming areas, invite the warmth of the Spanish sun and the feel of fresh grass underfoot.

Each villa has individual gardens and terraces that reflect its unique site and character, from shaded pine groves to vegetable gardens, rows of tropical palms and low-lying Mediterranean water plants.

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